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Privacy Policy

Updated September 18 2018


Laxarus P.C has up to this day released one game called Tigerball.
We would like to inform you about our privacy policy regarding your information and data.

What data do we collect and why?

We have a basic integration of Unity Analytics which collects anonymous usage statistics.
This data is used to know the number of daily active users, how many people reached a certain high score,which game mode is preferred and other similar information. This data is anonymous and is only used to help us improve our games.
We also use the same tools to get performance reports so we can track and resolve game crashes and errors.
We do not collect any personal information. 
Any data we receive comes from our third party partners and we do not share it with anyone else.


Our game incorporates rewarded video ads as a way to monetize.
In order for advertising networks to display relevant ads to users they use Advertising IDs.
To tun off personalized ads please use your iOS or Android device's opt out settings.

Third Party Partners

We use the Unity game engine as well as Unity Analytics and Unity Ads
We also use Apple Game Center and Google Play Services in order to host leaderboards and achievements.

Our third party partners may access your information and operate under their own privacy policy. We encourage you to check their privacy policy, to learn more about their practices for processing information

Unity Ads and Analytics :
Google Play Services :
Apple Game Center :

If you have any questions regarding our practices feel free to contact us at